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Modeling, Functions, and Graphs

Section C.6 Troubleshooting the GeoGebra App

Issue Solution
No menu appears after clicking on the kebab menu icon (while using the GeoGebra app embedded in this textbook)
Scroll within the book to the top of the webpage. Click again on the kebab menu icon.
The app has only a graphing window and no input box. (No Algebra View)
Click on the up arrow at the right edge of the blue border on the bottom of the app. (In landscape mode, the border is on the left and the arrow points to the right.)
The graph does not appear even though the equation for the graph is in the history.
Check that the circle next to the equation in the output history is filled with a color—if it is not, click on the circle. If the graph is still not visible, adjust the Graphics View as in Example 31
The calculator does not give the decimal form of a fraction.
Tap the approximation key as described in Example 9
Figure C.35. Common issues and solutions