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absolute value, Paragraph
additive inverse, Paragraph
algebraic equation, Item
algebraic expression, Paragraph
algebraic fraction, Paragraph
allometric equation, Paragraph
allometric equations, Paragraph
allometry, Paragraph
amortize, Paragraph
amplitude, Project
annuity, Paragraph
aphelion, Project
ascending powers, Paragraph
augmented matrix, Paragraph
average, Paragraph
axis of symmetry, Item
back-substitution, Paragraph
bell-shaped curve, Project
binomial, Paragraph
biological half-life, Project
body mass index, Paragraph
build, Paragraph
building factor, Paragraph
B├ęzier curves, Paragraph
carrying capacity, Item
Cartesian, Paragraph
center, Paragraph
change of base, Project
closed interval, Paragraph
coefficient matrix, Paragraph
common denominator, Paragraph
common logarithms, Paragraph
completing the square, Paragraph Subsection
complex conjugate, Paragraph
complex number, Subsection
complex numbers, Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph
complex plane, Paragraph
compound inequality, Note Paragraph
compound interest, Subsection
compounded continuously, Paragraph
concavity, Paragraph
conjugate, Paragraph
conjugate pair, Paragraph
conjugates, Paragraph
consistent and independent system, Item
constant of variation, Subsection
constraints, Paragraph
continuous compounding, Item
coordinate system, Paragraph
counting numbers, Item
cube root, Paragraph Subsection
cubic, Item Paragraph
decay factor, Paragraph Subsection Item
decibel scale, Paragraph
decreasing graph, Note
degree, Paragraph
demand function, Paragraph
dependent system, Item
descending powers, Paragraph
difference of two squares, Paragraph
dimension, Paragraph
direct variation, Subsection Subsection
direct variation with a power, Subsection
directly proportional, Paragraph
discriminant, Paragraph Subsection Item Item
distance formula, Paragraph Subsection
division algorithm for polynomials, Exercises
doubling time, Subsection Subsection
effective half-life, Project
elimination, Paragraph Paragraph
empirical model, Paragraph
entries, Paragraph
equilibrium price, Item Paragraph Paragraph
equivalent equations, Paragraph
error tolerance, Paragraph
evaluating, Paragraph
evaluating the function, Paragraph
experience curve, Exercise
exponential equation, Paragraph
exponential function, Item
exponential functions, Paragraph
exponential growth, Paragraph Item
exponential growth and decay, Subsection
extraction of roots, Paragraph
extraneous, Paragraph Paragraph
extraneous solution, Paragraph
extrapolation, Paragraph
factored form, Item
factoring, Paragraph
fatigue index, Item
feasible solutions, Subsection
formula, Paragraph
functions, Note
fundamental theorem of algebra, Paragraph
Gaussian reduction, Paragraph
general form, Paragraph
golden rectangle, Exercise
graph, Item
graph of an equation, Paragraph
half-closed, Item
half-life, Paragraph Subsection
half-open, Item
half-plane, Paragraph
horizontal asymptote, Investigation Paragraph Paragraph
horizontal line test, Paragraph Subsection
hypotenuse, Paragraph
imaginary axis, Paragraph
imaginary number, Subsection
imaginary part, Paragraph
imaginary unit, Subsection
inconsistent, Paragraph Item Item Item Item
inconsistent system, Item
increasing graphs, Note
independent, Paragraph
index of the radical, Paragraph
inequality, Paragraph
inequality symbol, Paragraph
infinite intervals, Paragraph
inflection point, Item Item Paragraph
initial value, Subsection Subsection
integers, Item
intercept, Item
intercepts, Subsection
intercepts of the graph, Subsection
interpolating polynomial, Investigation
interpolation, Paragraph
intersect, Example
interval, Paragraph
inverse function, Paragraph Subsection
inverse function notation, Subsection
inverse functions, Subsection
inverse square law, Paragraph
inverse variation, Subsection Paragraph
inverse variation with a power, Subsection
inversely proportional, Paragraph
irrational numbers, Paragraph Paragraph
isosceles, Paragraph
joint variation, Subsection Paragraph
LCD, Paragraph
lead coefficient, Section
least squares regression line, Paragraph
like fractions, Paragraph
line of best, Paragraph
linear combination, Paragraph
linear combinations, Paragraph
linear equations, Paragraph
linear growth, Paragraph
linear inequality, Paragraph
linear models, Paragraph
linear programming, Paragraph
linear regression, Paragraph
linear system, Subsection Section
log-log graph paper, Paragraph
logarithm, Paragraph
logarithmic equation, Paragraph
logarithmic function, Subsection
logarithmic scale, Paragraph
logistic function, Project Item
lowest common denominator, Paragraph
matrix, Paragraph
mean, Paragraph
mechanistic models, Paragraph
midline, Project
midpoint formula, Subsection
monomial, Paragraph
multiplicative inverse, Paragraph
multiplicity, Note
natural base, Item Paragraph Item
natural exponential function, Paragraph Item
natural log function, Paragraph Item
natural logarithm, Paragraph Subsection
natural numbers, Item
negative exponents, Subsection
nonstrict, Paragraph
nth roots, Subsection
objective function, Paragraph
one-to-one, Paragraph
open interval, Paragraph
opposite, Paragraph
order, Paragraph
parabola, Item Paragraph
parameters, Note
percent decrease, Paragraph
percent increase, Note Paragraph
perfect square, Paragraph
perfect-square trinomials, Paragraph
perihelion, Project
period, Project
periodic function, Project
periods, Project
pH scale, Paragraph
piecewise, Paragraph
point-slope form, Paragraph
polynomial, Paragraph
polynomial function, Section
power function, Subsection
power functions, Paragraph Subsection Paragraph
present value, Subsection Item Item Paragraph
proportional, Paragraph
pure imaginary, Paragraph
quadratic formula, Subsection
quadratic function, Section Item
quadratic in, Paragraph
quadratic in form, Paragraph
quartic, Paragraph
radical, Paragraph
radical equation, Paragraph
radical notation, Subsection
radicand, Paragraph
rate of change, Subsection
ratio method, Paragraph
rational expression, Paragraph
rational function, Subsection Item Item
rational functions, Item
rational number, Paragraph
rationalizing the denominator, Paragraph
real axis, Paragraph
real numbers, Paragraph
real part, Paragraph
reciprocal, Paragraph
rectangular, Paragraph
reduced row echelon form, Paragraph
reflections of graphs, Subsection
regression line, Paragraph
repeater bar, Paragraph
Richter, Paragraph
right triangle, Subsection
row echelon form, Paragraph
scales, Item
scaling, Subsection
scaling exponent, Paragraph
scatterplot, Paragraph
scientific notation, Paragraph
sigmoid function, Item
similar, Paragraph
sinusoidal, Project
slope-intercept form, Paragraph
square matrix, Paragraph
standard form, Item Paragraph
strict inequalities, Paragraph
subscripts, Subsection
substitution, Paragraph
supergrowth, Exercise
supply function, Paragraph
surface area, Paragraph
table of values, Item
transformations, Paragraph
translations, Paragraph
triangle inequality, Subsection
triangular form, Paragraph
trinomial, Paragraph
two-parameter, Note
union, Paragraph
upper triangular form, Paragraph
varies directly, Subsection
varies inversely, Subsection Subsection
varies jointly, Item Item Item
vertex, Item Subsection
vertex form, Paragraph
vertical asymptote, Item Paragraph Subsection Item Item
vertices, Paragraph
volume, Paragraph
weighted average, Paragraph Subsection
whole numbers, Item